The objective of Wound Care Haiti Inc is to improve the overall quality of wound care in the country of Haiti – through the establishment of standardized wound care centers across the country. Our vision for these centers is that they will utilize industry standard wound care techniques, treatments and education materials – thus reducing the country’s mortality rates on deaths related to limb amputation and diabetes. Furthermore we will provide training to local physicians and nurses and education materials to the Haitian public.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of various charitable organizations, diabetes remains under-diagnosed and under treated in Haiti. Diabetes is a world health dilemma that results in multiple systemic complications and can be life, limb, eye and renal threatening.  The diabetic foot ulcer is often a pre-curser to lower extremity amputation, and often with further progression to loss of life. Nearly 2/3 of the Haitian population does not have access to medicine and health services, particularly those living in rural areas and the financially incompetent. In addition, the poorly sanitized and ill equipped health centers in Haiti help in spreading infection rather than accelerating treatment.

Incorporated on March 26, 2009; Wound Care Haiti (501c3 tax-exempt) has been structured and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, which are particularly focused on the Haitian community. Join us in our mission to bring a limb-amputation prevention program to the people of Haiti.